Risk Management Function Review

We work with all types of entities (corporate, public entity and not-for-profit) to review their existing traditional Risk Management Function or to help them decide whether the time is right to establish an in-house Risk Management team. As a C-Suite executive responsible for the traditional, or insurable, Risk Management Function, we provide you a quick turnaround solution for determining the right size, talent level, processes and KPIs for your Risk Management Function.  We also can augment your Internal Audit Team to complete an audit of the Risk Management Function by providing deep risk management subject matter expertise and experience.

Transitional Outsourced Risk Management

We provide transitional outsourced risk management services for all levels on your Risk & Insurance Management Team.  With over 30 years of risk management experience reporting to C-Suite executives across a broad spectrum of industries and entities, we quickly assimilate into your organization to handle the day-to-day responsibilities and assist you with finding a permanent hire.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has been proven to increase the likelihood an organization will accomplish its strategic objectives.  ERM does not need to be complicated, nor does it require a long-term resource commitment.  In fact, ERM is at its finest when opportunity and risk thinking are woven into your strategic planning and budgeting activities.  But this new way of thinking takes some time and dedicated guidance to become woven into the fabric of an organization.  We provide that guidance initially and train your internal resources to continue guiding the ERM effort until a separate effort is no longer needed.

If you think your organization might be ready to take an enterprise-wide view of your risks, we will work with your executive and designated management teams to establish an ERM framework that fits your organization’s culture.  We also work with you to identify and assess the key opportunities and risks to achieving your corporate strategy, assign owners to those opportunities and risks and identify risk optimization strategies.  As we guide this effort, we train your internal resources to take the lead.


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